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There are three types of 4g car gps tracker: OBD interface, wiring type, and strong magnetic device-free type. The advantages and disadvantages of these three types of 4g car gps tracker are briefly introduced below. OBD interface car positioner: The biggest feature of the OBD interface car positioner is the convenience device, which is directly plugged into the OBD interface.
It has an additional function, that is, it can read some basic parameters of the car, such as fuel consumption and mileage. However, his safety factor is low, and he can be easily dismantled without any technology. It is not suitable for mortgage rental car use, and is suitable for private car management. If you want to buy an OBD interface type, you have to confirm whether your car can support it. Basically, domestic cars before 2007 do not support OBD inspection.
Several different types of 4g car gps tracker, analysis of advantages and disadvantages, wiring type car tracker: Wang Wenshengyi This kind of equipment uses a power cord to connect the car battery power source, and does not carry a large-capacity battery. Once removed or the battery is powered off, it will Will lose the ability to locate in a short time (0.5-1.5 hours).
Even so, traditional wired GPS devices can record vehicle driving information, historical driving trajectories, real-time alarm status, parking information, etc., as detailed as possible, which is very important to customers. After connecting to the ACC line, managing the fleet will become very convenient. The wiring type car positioner also has its shortcomings. Relative to the OBD interface type car positioner, its device complexity level has improved several levels. After all, there are only a handful of people who are familiar with automobile wiring, and it takes close to 20 minutes for a skilled installation worker to break the line.
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